Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day-Type Compartments

"Live in day-type compartments."
--Dale Carnegie, Stop Worrying and Start Living

I literally just finished listening to the CD version of this very insightful and helpful book (the first chapter, to be exact)...Due to my slight laziness and to check out the book version in addition to my urge for higher convenience, I had decided to try out the CD--And it helps just as much. :)

The quote above was the main idea given in the first chapter...It's definitely something to think about as you go about your day.

And after reading that quote (and perhaps after checking out the book/the book CD and listening to/reading the first chapter, if you were suddenly motivated :)), what's going to change when you wake up the next morning?

Bean out.

Two Month and Counting...

I realized that yesterday was my two-month anniversary of living a non-Facebook life. :) And I couldn't be happier to make those two months extend to many many more months...

It's hard to describe how it feels not to have Fb as part of my daily routine anymore...It's as if nothing has changed, yet at the same time everything has changed.

I have more time to do what I love, and more time to just add more variety to my day. Although sometimes I feel disconnected from the social world, such as by not being in much contact anymore with friends of mine who live out of the country, I mostly feel more confident that you don't always need technology to be in contact with people you care about.

But there are good things about Facebook, and everyone treats the website differently; for me personally, I don't think the ample amounts of time I used to spend in front of the computer were worth it in the long run.

Two months and counting...

Bean out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Deliciousness

I just took my first bite out of my Chocolate Dipped Coconut flavored LUNA bar, and I have just died and gone to heaven.

I hadn't eaten in at least four hours, because I spent that entire time running all over the downtown area to turn in what seemed like a gazillion job applications and resumes. I did take a half-hour break by sitting in a so-cozy-that-you-feel-like-it's-literally-swallowing-you couch at the Barnes & Noble and read the first 25 pages of a new book by one of my favorite authors...But still, when I opened the lovingly scented LUNA bar with my mouth watering, and my feet red and hurting from walking in uncomfortable shoes and my hair in a giant mess since it was windy outside and my hair is already poofy and wavy, I felt like I just stepped on a cloud that I never want to get off of.

So I shall spend the rest of today congratulating myself on turning in all those applications that literally took the whole of yesterday to fill out, as I enjoy the rest of this delicious snack (or lunch...). :)

Here it goes...

Bean out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blueberry Pancakes

This morning, after waking up to find that I was home alone as my mom had taken my little brother to swim meet practice, I randomly decided to make myself a nice hot batch of healthy blueberry pancakes. :D

Of course, it felt strange that I was making a 6-serving breakfast just for myself, but I wanted to see what it felt like to eat pancakes fresh from the pan, instead of the usual task of waiting half an hour after they're ready to actually eat them (when the pancakes have practically gone stale and lifeless..which would be why I end up microwaving the pancakes..ughh!)...And it. felt. amazing. :)

Not that this means I'll only eat pancakes alone from now on, but now I know that it's not such a bad thing to do once in awhile. ;)

Have a lovely day!

Bean out.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life without Facebook...

So today, I realized that nearly a month has passed since I deactivated my Facebook account.
...And I can honestly say that it almost feels as if I never even started using Facebook in the first place.
It seems that the website only made social networking and socializing in general so much more complicated! Even though Fb made it easier for me to stay in contact with friends who are living abroad and friends who I don't see day to day, I overall felt some sort of pressure to stay in contact with acquaintances.
Also, I just spent too much time on the computer instead of time with family at home.

So I feel like I wouldn't be surprised if I never ended up going back to using Facebook! :)

Since I deactivated it, I've had more time to draw, paint, and just doodle in my sketchbook...Plus I've had a few more conversations with my parents and brother than I did before.. ;)
...Plus I feel more assured that I can hang out with my friends and spend great time with them without having to use Facebook as some sort of catalyst to keep our friendships strong.

So on the verge of week 4 (and counting more weeks) without Facebook, I strongly recommend that you take a short (or long...) break from the website; you will get more out of that than you can imagine. ;)

Here it goes...

Bean out.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here it goes, Summer 2011...

You know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and realize that you actually have nothing to do that day?
Well, I got to experience that fleeting sense of joy, because I officially have finished my second year of college! :D

I am so excited to have nothing to do over the next four months!
Oh and by "nothing" I don't actually mean doing literally nothing...I mean doing things that don't involve studying or going to campus like I've done routinely during the last 9 months--Hanging out with friends, going to my uncle's house with the family, eating lots of delicious food at new places I haven't tried before, and making mix CDs for people I love. :)

I hope either that you are also on the verge of enjoying time off from school/work, or that you're at least setting some time aside for yourself to do what you love.

For example, painting! I might start trying oil paints this summer, because I always used acrylics and recently thought, "Hey, why not try oils too?"

So here it goes, Summer 2011...

Bean out (out and about...).
P.S. What do you think of my new blog background? It's quite inviting compared to the flat looking polka dot patterning I had before, if you ask me!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Second Home...

Hello all!,
So literally five minutes ago, I walked into one of the best coffee shops in Seattle (I'm not exaggerating--It's actually been called that in a lot of articles I read! ;) )--It's Bauhaus Books and Coffee, and I think I can already call it my second home!

It totally makes sense why people love this place; it's very homey, so much so that you feel like you can even throw your things on the floor like you do when you've just gotten home from a long day at work, if you really wanted to. :)
Plus the lively baristas practically take over the cashier counter and the large area behind the counter that almost looks like it infinitely stretches as far as possible. The high walls are decorated by large shelves of books randomly covered by bright, vibrant paintings that echo the liveliness of the outside bustling Seattle world.

I feel like I also came here at a perfect time-not just because I needed to study for my upcoming Art History final in a place where I will be absorbed and not distracted; it's also because of the weather today--It's 75 degrees and clear skies here in the place well-known for 24/7 rainy days! So it's very refreshing and exhilarating to see the entire cafe lit up by the golden sunshine that just makes me want to study even more than I do now.

Well, I guess now I'm going to depart from this blog post and get started on why I actually came here...Time to read intensely about the Taj Mahal and Ramayana paintings (the art history course I've taken this quarter is about Indian Art ;) )!

Enjoy the rest of your day (no matter the weather),

Bean out.
P.S. There's a slight chance you'll end up seeing a post about Bauhaus on my Mademoiselle Cochon website, just because I can never have enough to say about things I love XD ...