Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Memories but Happy Ones


This is my first time writing since what feels like FOREVER! :D And by the use of all-caps you can probably tell I am excited to be back! (also you can tell by the multiple exclamation points...)

Today is a lovely, newly-arrived spring day as I look outside the ginormous window in my living room and onward to the gentle crowd of trees swaying gently in the lively wind. I am very excited to get out of the house in the next few hours, in the hopes of choosing the best-looking ice cream flavor at Ben & Jerry's (my favorite ice cream place that I need to go to more often, YUMM!...Hmm, looks like I'm still excited :) )--because, incase you were not aware, today is Free Cone Day from 12-8pm!! Yayyy!

I especially need to go there more often because it's in downtown Kirkland, most likely what I call my future location of residence. It's the place where most of my favorite memories have taken place, whether it's been the place where my sister and I took our summer all-day trip there where we ate at a deserted yet homey sushi restaurant followed by me taking snapshot pictures of the dock surrounded by the water sparkling in the midday sun...Or if it's been the comfortable, eye-opening trip with my sister along with our uncle, aunt and grandma to Tully's on a sunny, brisk January morning where we sat by the windows on the couches talking about the importance of family...Whatever I remember about going to downtown Kirkland has always been something I vow never to forget in the future.

Besides Ben & Jerry's, I hope my family and I will also end up walking across the street to what I call Heaven, otherwise known as Kahili Coffee, a large yet cozy coffee shop that is always dim-lit with calmness yet energetic with conversation. Their foamy drinks held snugly and securely in the welcoming, please-take-me-home-although-that-would-be-considered-stealing-oh-well-just-take-a-trip-to-IKEA-for-your-own mugs, which customers may hold as they allow their laughs and talked-about memories float about the room. It's the kind of coffee shop that makes you think there's no other place on earth like it, the most authentic, one-in-a-million location that you can't compare.

So while I may dip and savor my spoons of Milk & Cookies/Oatmeal Cookie/Brownie Chunk-flavored (yes, there are such things as those flavors, and they are DELICIOUS!) ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, I will keep an eye on Kahili Coffee and somehow slip it slyly into conversation with my mom, getting her to remember the past fun trips there so we may find ourselves once again diving into the blissful aura of the coffee shop.

Bean out.

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