Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day-Type Compartments

"Live in day-type compartments."
--Dale Carnegie, Stop Worrying and Start Living

I literally just finished listening to the CD version of this very insightful and helpful book (the first chapter, to be exact)...Due to my slight laziness and to check out the book version in addition to my urge for higher convenience, I had decided to try out the CD--And it helps just as much. :)

The quote above was the main idea given in the first chapter...It's definitely something to think about as you go about your day.

And after reading that quote (and perhaps after checking out the book/the book CD and listening to/reading the first chapter, if you were suddenly motivated :)), what's going to change when you wake up the next morning?

Bean out.

Two Month and Counting...

I realized that yesterday was my two-month anniversary of living a non-Facebook life. :) And I couldn't be happier to make those two months extend to many many more months...

It's hard to describe how it feels not to have Fb as part of my daily routine anymore...It's as if nothing has changed, yet at the same time everything has changed.

I have more time to do what I love, and more time to just add more variety to my day. Although sometimes I feel disconnected from the social world, such as by not being in much contact anymore with friends of mine who live out of the country, I mostly feel more confident that you don't always need technology to be in contact with people you care about.

But there are good things about Facebook, and everyone treats the website differently; for me personally, I don't think the ample amounts of time I used to spend in front of the computer were worth it in the long run.

Two months and counting...

Bean out.