Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Billion Fans in the House, but I Don't Care :)


The Seattle area is currently going through a ginormous heat wave that will show no mercy to people until the upcoming Monday...
Which is why today I am taking off to...


I'm so excited! It's been awhile since I have actually driven to a specific destination by the water, for the sole purpose of waddling my feet under moist sand, or for relaxing in the intense warmth of the sun as I read a favorite book of mine (this time I'm taking a library copy of Emma by Jane Austen, which I've been renewing over and over because I've been too lazy to read it at home). Today will also be my first time in a year that I'll wear a swimming suit...And as many female readers can probably understand, I have mixed feelings about that.

And as I'm typing this blog, I'm distracted almost every five seconds by the billion fans that my mom turned on in the house...Though I honestly think the fans are barely doing any good since the house is already as hot as ever! XD

But anyway, I hope you have just as much excitement as I do for the sunny weather this season, or for the summer in general; if you have plans to look forward to this time of year, such as a long-time planned vacation or just your next opportunity to make a berry sorbet (which is actually what I did with my brother yesterday--healthy and extremely satisfying at the same time!), please share because there's nothing I'd love more than to share excitement and joy with other people!

Soaking up the sun... (at 6pm that is, which is when I'm meeting my friend at the beach)

Bean out.


FireintheBreeze (Brittany) said...

Ah swimsuit season is back hey? Yeah...not looking forward to that. It's winter here in Australia so I suppose I've got a while to get in shape haha. Have fun at the beach! Again, your writing style is so enjoyable..the way you describe the sand and the sun..its just lovely.

shirenesBEAN said...

Thanks, I ended up having a lot of fun! :) and I didn't know you lived in Australia, that's so cool!
And that's very sweet thank you! :D

ParisBreakfasts said...

waddling toes in the water at the seaside sounds too wonderful...
I do go almost daily to the pool and am forced to put on a bathing suit, but the cool water is so worth it.
Have fun you and Emma!

shirenesBEAN said...

Aww that's nice, a daily dip in the water seems really relaxing :D
And thank you! though I actually ended up not reading Emma at all; my friend and I got too deep in conversation that I totally forgot Jane Austen was waiting for me in my bag XD