Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jobs and Mr. Darcys

I always wonder what's going to happen to me for the rest of my life. People are always talking about college/classes/jobs/relationships and many other things that I don't have right now but will experience in the future. I'm always eager for time to fast forward until I'm in college, or until I meet "the one," or until I land myself in my dream career...So there are times when I get so frustrated as I sit in one of my classes at school just waiting to graduate from high school (but it's not that I hate school...I actually love it :) ).
I also feel this way when I'm watching movies. Almost every movie coats a realistic story with something everyone wants to see, or with what everyone wishes would happen in their lives. In one of the last scenes of Pride and Prejudice (my favorite movie of all time! hehe), we watch Mr. Darcy make his way to Elizabeth and confess that he still passionately loves her, despite all the accusations and arguments they had made in all the time since they met. Everyone wants this and many other love stories to happen to them, and we always want the assurance that someone will love us no matter what we do; people need to know that there's at least one person in the world who will always care for them and never turn back on them...But sometimes this dream seems out of reach and feels like just a plain fantasy, because it may become apparent that whatever happens in the movies is only make-believe.
Is there really such thing as "the one"? Is there only one person you should be with in your life? I always have conflicting answers to these questions...I think that a person may find love and happiness in more than just one person in his/her life, but then I believe there is only one type of person they belong to. That probably sounds pretty obvious though, but I think that's a realistic way to think of it. I admit I'm one of those sappy people who want romance in their lives, but I'm afraid I'll be disappointed later on if I think there is only one person for me, so I'd rather not think of it in the imaginative (I hope that's a real word..) sense.
When it comes to work/jobs, I get so excited that I almost completely ignore someone when they tell me I should enjoy being in high school while I'm in it. I know I'm probably going to miss high school once I've graduated and have entered college, but at the same time I can't wait to get into the lifestyle where I can wake up every morning and be happy to go wherever I'll be working (unless I choose a job I don't really enjoy or something, but I'm going to try and not let that happen).
I really hope that I won't be fooled into thinking whatever love story or any story I see in the movies will actually happen; if I found out that those things were actually almost impossible in reality, I don't know if I would have any ounce of hope left for that kind of fantasy (or maybe it's not a fantasy, one may never know) life I (and probably many other people) have always wanted.


Shabnam said...

Oh, high school is over rated, life gets so much better after that. And yes, true love is not a fantacy, if you are lucky you will actually experience the Mr. Darcy kind of love. Will it last? Now that is what is usually a fantacy!

Olivia said...

there is no "the one"
there is only johnny depp

shirenesBEAN said...

thank you khaleh and olive for your reassuring comments :)