Friday, October 3, 2008

"Dream On"

Right now I'm listening to "Fly Me to the Moon" by the amazing (yes, amazing...actually now that I think about it, "amazing" would be an understatement of what I think of this person) Frank Sinatra :D ...who I think exhibits the most amazing singing voice known to Man. Supposedly I'm listening to this song not only for my simple enjoyment, but also as a way to hopefully calm me down enough for the SAT which I'm taking (or should I say re-taking) tomorrow morning...
People say you're not supposed to spend the night before the test studying or preparing at all, but instead to relax and enjoy yourself--which is hard for me to do because I usually spend late nights getting ready for almost all tests at school! But after spending almost three hours watching episodes of Privileged (which I'm liking more and more after every minute of watching it hehe) in front of my computer instead of reviewing the reading section of the SAT prep book, I decided to relax and close the book. :)
So now I'm following orders--I'm relaxing and doing something of my enjoyment, which is listening to music and writing, hence this blog ;) ...Except now I realize that the type of music I listen to depends, because right now my playlist is playing "Dream On" by Aerosmith and now I'm not as relaxed as I should be...Not that I think it's a bad song, it's just it makes me think too much at a time that I shouldn't be thinking at all.
Anyways, I didn't think I'd be so happy for the weekend to come once again, but it turns out that I am. And I hadn't realized it, partially because I spent pretty much all of today enjoying myself and being distracted from the time running by. Today I ate a delicious chocolate cake that ressembled a giant oreo (minus the second chocolate cookie-half...) with a friend at school; it was part of our "social experiment" (which is what we named it as our excuse to eat most of the cake without sharing it too much haha), which was a worthwhile experiment indeed because not only was the cake delicious (okay I will try to not get too much into food because I already did that for you in my first blog ;) ) but it made my school day 10 times more fun and enjoyable as my friend and I roamed the nearly-empty school hallway and shared our moments with random teachers and with other people we enjoy being around. I enjoy being around many people, but I think the cake (despite its ginormous size) might have been too small for us to give slices too all those people!
What if I bomb the SAT? Even if I spent most of my summer days making at least 100 vocab flashcards and sitting on the balcony reading every word of the SAT prep book, what if my second time taking the test gives me the same score as before--or even worse, a lower score?? I did take two practice tests recently, and I scored lower than I did on the actual SAT (the first time I took it) both of those times.
But that's not what I should be thinking about; I should think about how hard I'm going to try tomorrow morning and how determined I will be to get a good score. Usually I ignore the common phrase "I think, therefore I am," but now, just because I'm in a state of desperation, I'm going to repeat that phrase over and over in my head as my sleep, and perhaps even as I get dropped of at the test taking center...

Well, Here It Goes, wish me luck!

Bean out.


Shabnam said...

Does your mother know that you are watching TV in your room when you are supposed to be studying? ;)

shirenesBEAN said...

Hehe actually she does know, it was weird cuz when she walked in on me watching Privileged she didn't get mad or anything :P but she did warn me not to watch too much tv online lol

Olivia said...

shirene i dont know ur email but i needed to tell you that kiana plans on coming to our house to take a blue or pink hate from my room

and i am reminding u of the boots

Olivia said...

shirene again i dont know ur email, but incase u havent gotten me a present yet ( i doubt u have) i found something i want.