Saturday, November 8, 2008

Problem--no, ADDICTION

I have many additions.
The list starts with chocolate, candy and other sweets; television; checking my e-mail (which I do literally five times per day...I know, it's that bad); Christmas; watching the same movies over and over again; and the list stretches on for miles. These don't seem so bad, because they're just things that people can normally get hung up on. They're completely innocent, as long as they don't "out-balance" the other parts of your life.
But the worst addiction I have is...well, I guess I shouldn't call it an addition, it's more of a serious problem..My biggest problem is that I get so distracted from doing homework when I'm at my desk (or anywhere for that matter), that sometimes I end up not doing homework at all- even after spending three hours in my room with textbooks open and papers lying all over the place.
I should/want to blame it all on my computer, since it always sits at my desk with it's very easy to get off track of my homework as I randomly decide to check my e-mail and Facebook accounts. Every time I surf the web, I tell myself that I'll get back to work in five minutes...But I always end up looking at the clock with having had half an hour or even two hours pass by!
This serious problem can probably be considered as an addiction, now that I think about it, because for months I've kept promising myself that I wouldn't touch the mouse or keyboard anymore when I sit at my desk, or telling myself that I won't do anything on the computer until I've finished my homework...But these have never been able to conquer the temptation that lets me drop everything and jump to the easy route of avoiding the work.

I don't know what to do besides to just keep on trying to resist the problem-no, addition...?


Shayda said...
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Shayda said...

its not called addiction, its called ADD
you misspelled addiction in the first line, great first impression shirene
and u are a bad blogger, this is ur first blog since october
and btw i write stuff in mine now so do take some time out of ur online tv viewing to "hit me up" as the kids say

Shayda said...

i just realized i am very oppressive

shirenesBEAN said...

lol who says "hit me up"? your the weirdo now! muahaa
i apologize for failing to impress you, i hope you forgive me haha

Shabnam said...

Hey believe me, if I had a computer and internet when I was in H.S. I probably would have never graduated, so dont feel so bad. BTW Shayda is mean!

shirenesBEAN said...

i second that notion! (about shayda) haha

that's good cuz i thought i'd be the only one to get addicted easily to using the computer