Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Why was Martin Complaining about His New Girlfriend?"

So this won't be a surprise to you or all of humanity, when I say that I've currently been suffering from overeating (it calms me by typing that word in bold font...I was being sarcastic just now :P).
I say it's not a surprise because it's a very common problem that many of us go through, either because of boredom, depression, or just a case of raw hunger.

Those of you who also overeat know, it's the aggravating monster that comes abruptly tugging on your sleeve impatiently while you're watching TV at 11:34 at night...When you're in the middle of a wonderful episode of Frasier, and instead of concentrating on why Martin is complaining about his new girlfriend, or wondering thoughtfully why Frasier has notoriously been getting himself into the hilarious problems for 11 years that practically made the show so enjoyable, you run into the bump sitting in the back of your mind, signifying that you "need" to get up, walk into the seemingly heavenly kitchen and come back out with a heavy bowl of cereal to digest in the night and early morning.

Well, I shouldn't say "you" in the situation I just described, because what I just described was practically the thing that I go through almost every night.

I never really pondered about why I've been like this; perhaps it's just been my way of finding relaxation while I watch TV, because maybe the TV itself isn't enough (which shouldn't make sense because the shows I watch are usually family drama shows like Parenthood or Life Unexpected...or sitcoms like The Middle)...Or maybe it's because I'm just plain hungry since it's been two or three hours since dinner. I definitely know for sure that it's not emotional eating or anything like that; I'm not depressed and usually when I watch TV late at night, it's because I like to watch TV and want to relax and that's it.

Anyway, the situation has been what some could call a "tough cookie" (ohmygosh, just typing those two words has gotten me hungry at this time at 8:51pm, just because of the solid word "cookie"...the most delicious dessert ever...*sigh of mild frustration*).
At least right now I'm having just a square of dark chocolate with a cup of previously-warm-but-now-cold (it's cold now because I've been typing on my laptop of course :) ) roobios tea. It's nice and somewhat soothing because, although it's not as filling as my favorite late-night snack (or should I say "meal")--cereal--, it is very healthy by the antioxidants and also by the low number of calories.

Well, I'm going to go to bed now, I have an ECON quiz tomorrow afternoon.
I also want to go to bed to avoid eating more, but it's going to be hard not to eat anyway--since I have to walk past the kitchen on my way to my room from where I'm sitting right now (in the living room, incase you were curious).

And also, I'm just plain tired since I haven't slept very much during the past week, because...Well, you probably know now. :)

Good night, all!

Bean out.

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