Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rollin' Home

Here I am, half-asleep--as if my eyes have been trying to close by themselves--, listening to 88.5 (a relaxing jazz station), just finished my glass of acai mango tea, and typing away as I reminisce to myself about the Tyler Hilton concert I was at this past Monday. :) ...While I also try to forget about how stressed out I was when I woke up at 5 this morning about my economics midterm I had at 8:30 (but don't worry, I think I did well on that test so it's all good!).

I was at the concert with one of my really good friends, and I hadn't seen her since last September so it was like a grand reunion for the two of us, and seeing Tyler Hilton was like the major bonus! :D I admit though, I hadn't listened to his music for awhile, but I have always relished the moments of hearing some of his older songs like "Rollin' Home" (that's probably my favorite one from the last album) on my ipod, as I would be literally rolling home (well not literally...I wasn't rolling but I was riding on the metro bus) from university after a long day.

So when I found out he was coming to Seattle, I was ecstatic. I actually saw him in concert three years ago the last time he was here (or maybe he's come a bunch of times in between and perhaps I didn't hear about it...if that's true, I'll feel infinitely times more guilty than I already do for not having listened to his new album!), and it was great! I was there with two of my friends and my sister, and it was in a club-type location on a rainy night in the city. Not only did we get to stand right in front of the stage as he performed gleefully (wow, now after using that word I just started thinking about GLEE the TV show XD Anyway, back to what I was saying...), but after the concert we got to take pictures with him! Plus we bought sky-blue t-shirts with his name written in bold navy font...And despite the inevitable fact that the t-shirt is now too tiny for me, it's still in my closet for the sake of memory. :)

This time, on Monday, when my friend and I went to see Mr. Hilton, it felt as if it were my first time ever of going to a concert--it was amazing!! Even though he only performed for half an hour, since there were other bands going on before and after him, it was definitely worth the wait! I clapped excitedly and cheered occasionally when the previous bands rocked and screamed out their lyrics...but from the point when Tyler Hilton came onstage to the end when he said "thank you for coming, have a good night!" I was literally screaming my friend's ears off, and clapping constantly like a mad man. And before that, when his band members were spending what seemed like hours setting up the equipment before Tyler came, I was getting so progressively anxious from waiting, to the point of grabbing my friend by the shoulders and shaking her, and practically squealing in demanding when he heck he was going to come onstage so I could scream over his music!
...Well, actually, it would have been impossible to scream over his music because the music was too loud. But in a good way of course--I was enjoying every minute of it!

My favorite part of the night was when Tyler taught us the first line of the chorus to one of his new songs, so that one of his band members could record the crowd of us joyfully singing those lyrics to be part of a music video he said he wanted to make. As he was telling us all this, I could feel my and everybody else's excitement overflow within the room, and when it was time to sing, we sang with the utmost devotion to making Tyler get as much enjoyment from our words as what we got out of hearing him sing himself. The song we sang to is called "I Believe in You"--It's officially one of my favorite songs now! not only because I got to be one of the people to sing with Tyler to this song, but also because of the way he sang it. As he was singing the song, you could almost feel what he was feeling when he wrote the lyrics; and I know that sounds as cheesiest as a sentence could be, but watching him sing into the microphone and smoothly strumming the acoustic guitar strings made me want to get to the heart of the story of it.

And thanks to Tyler Hilton, I can never get enough out of hearing that song every time it rings in my ears. ;)

That night will definitely be a night to remember.
Despite the blurriness of the pictures I took with my phone, and how tiny he looks in the pictures, I will always remember the concert as one of the most relaxed yet moving times of my life.

Bean out.

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