Friday, May 7, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

Happy Friday!

That's the first thing I definitely wanted to say in this blog, considering that pretty much 90 percent of us look forward to this special day every week, whether it's for getting out of work, enjoying the sunny day that arrives at once in a blue moon (well it's like that in my case, and for all other Seattlites), or just for sinking in your couch to watch a funny movie.
...Come to think of it, I've done all three of those things today, except the first one though it felt like I was getting out of work since I was in class today for literally half an hour. At one point I thought, what was the point of spending an hour going from home to the university, if I was going to leave campus just a half an hour later? But I didn't let the Debbie Downer-side get to me, so instead I concentrated on how amazing it was that it's actually sunny and WARM today-- in Seattle!! :D

When it's sunny like this in Seattle, it feels like the entire city wakes up. During 9 months of the year, everybody is moving as slowly as how time feels like it's moving. (That's probably the reason for the countless Starbucks cafes that trickle down every street; everyone needs a pick-me-up something in the morning...or any other time of day.) Though I personally don't realize it until the sunny days come by and then there are no clouds, the clouds that hover almost all the time give you the feeling of being closed up and held in one place, keeping you from moving as fast as you would like. But on the bright side, this makes you feel mellow and more calm, which is the feeling I like to stick to most of the time.

Despite my not minding the cloudy and even rainy days, it almost shocks me by how the sun can totally change your mood once it comes up. This morning when I woke up and looked outside my window, I was taken aback at first by the lack of clouds that were in the sky, and by how they were replaced by an endless blue that quietly calmed the air and that complemented the bright sunlight that poured into my room with optimal warmth. With all this happening, I instantly felt more outgoing and energetic, like I wanted to conquer the world.
And as I was walking around campus earlier today, I felt like all of a sudden I had the magic power of hearing the inner thoughts of everybody around me--every person was socializing much more than usual, and much more loudly; they had so much energy from the sunlight that it was like every word in their brains was pouring out of their mouths! but I don't mean to say this in the way that I was bothered by it; in fact I was actually pleased with it, because it made me want to stay outside longer and hang around people more. (But sadly I couldn't, because I had to hop on the bus quickly for something that came up at home.)

For you Seattlites, enjoy the sun today and many more to come this summer!! And for others who don't live in the area, enjoy every day that comes along... :)

Bean out.
P.S. Have a good weekend, too!

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