Sunday, June 6, 2010

1 minute...

Here we go, I literally only have 9 minutes to type this blog, since my laptop's running out of charge and I'm too lazy to get up and connect it to the charger...Plus it gives me a little thrill that I have to type my blog this quickly! :)

Summer has (almost) officially begun for me, and it barely even feels like summer! I took my last final exam yesterday, and even though I don't have to go back to campus for awhile now, I still have one assignment left where I have to send in 5 edited essays for English class by this coming Friday at midnight...

So that's why I said "almost officially" instead of "officially," but I'm not going to let that one assignment get to me because I want to enjoy this first week of SUMMERRR! :D

Some of the things I hope to accomplish this summer are: spend as much time with friends as possible, especially those who won't be in town for most of the summer or who are moving, write many more blogs than I've written during this school year, read, paint and draw more, cook more, eat more (just kidding! :))....Basically, do everything more than usual.
I've barely had any motivation this year to do what I usually have loved doing, so hopefully this next few months of having nothing to do will get me to actually walk up to an empty canvas and start making something, anything!

Okay so I have 7 minutes left...That's strange, I think the timing on this laptop is much slower than how quickly time actually moves...Oh well.

I've read in a magazine recently that a way you can end up having a fulfilling and enjoyable summer is to write down all the things you want to do, regardless of how realistic they may be. This is because even though you may end up not being able to cross off all those things by the time summer's over, you're still left with the satisfying memories of what you did accomplish.
So after I write this blog and after I finish my cup of green tea (which I unfortunately abandoned in order to start typing this blog...I can't multitask in typing and drinking at the same time), I'm going to grab my paper and pen and jot down everything and anything that comes in my head. These may include and not be limited to...

(Oh god, 4 minutes left, I have to hurry now!!)
Stalking Johnny Depp (huh, I wish!), going to France, watch all the movies I missed out on while they were in theaters (including Avatar; yes, it's true, I still haven't seen that movie, not even once), learn to cook more instead of baking the same cakes over and over, and reading all books by Jane Austen. (I started reading Emma just a few days ago, which makes this my second Jane Austen book (after reading Pride & Prejudice three times)).

Okay, now I have 2 minutes left...Now I shall bring up the inevitable question:
What do YOU plan to do during the summer? :)
What are YOUR goals these next few months?

Okay, less than one minute; then I'll just say,

Here it goes!!

Bean out.
p.s. have a great summer! ;)

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