Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi everyone!

This is going to be one of my
all-time shortest blogs, because all I want to say
right now is...

...In other words, I recently created a website where I have displayed all the artwork I've done in the past several years.
I hope you will enjoy them and that they will somehow inspire you to appreciate the nature and appreciation of art more! :)

Bean out.
P.S. The picture you see here (© Title: Audrey Hepburn, Medium: Charcoal) is a sort of preview for my website. It is also my most recent piece of work, which I did about a week ago.


FireintheBreeze said...

Wow that's talent! Audery Hepburn is so elegant, perfectly captured on your behalf :)

shirenesBEAN said...

Thank you! :)

a Broad said...

Very very very good !!
You did capture her elegance .. that neck.. beautiful !

shirenesBEAN said...

Thanks! :D