Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reaching Home before the Walk has Even Ended

Today I took pictures for the first time in what felt like forever.
To be exact, at least four months.

And by "taking pictures," I specifically mean in the artistic way...Not counting pictures I might have felt obligated to take during large family gatherings. And not counting pictures that someone else might have taken with my camera.
What I refer to is photography, where you use your eye for a different purpose than what in the daily life.

Other than a brief photography class I took in 8th grade, I never really spent an extensive period of time taking pictures with the artistic eye. This mostly relates to the situation I've been in these past few months, which I wrote about in some previous blogs. But incase you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to how I lately have abandoned my favorite hobbies merely out of my lack of motivation. I've never known the reasons for my laziness, but I've tried really hard to shake it off my shoulders.

But today, I felt some strong tug of encouragement from God knows where, that was powerful enough to have me take pictures of nature almost constantly as I was walking home from my bus stop today.

And as I took each snapshot of the emerald green leaves shimmering in the sunlight, and of the vibrant, spontaneous flowers, a familiar atmosphere began taking over me. It was the familiar notion I used to always get when I picked up a charcoal stick and drew it on blank paper, or whenever I made each brushstroke of an oil painting I was extremely proud of (despite my lack of experience in oil paints!). All of my day-to-day anxieties began melting off of me, because they were being quickly replaced by this sense of warmth and comfort that I hadn't felt for so long.

I was almost overwhelmed because it has been awhile since I used my energy on something other than the basics. For the past few months, all that I did when at home was eat, sleep, watch TV, and eat some more (but don't get me wrong, I still have my passion for food...which must have been totally obvious in my last blog :) ). The only opportunities I had in front of me for expressing myself artistically, were studying art history, visiting art museums (which I only have done twice recently), and chatting with friends at cafes (I think cafes are artistic for some reason...).
But today, I was able to spring myself out of the boring home routines I had gotten accustomed to, and retrace the same journey I always took when working on an art piece.

Though I wasn't actually drawing or painting during this walk home, I was still thinking the same way as with any other art medium--That is, I was thinking about how to portray some everyday object or concept in a way that can take an audience by surprise. I used different angles and distances, as I sometimes let the sun shoot its rays through the frame of the pictures, as I took each photo to become a special memory of mine.

My walk back home has actually brought me to my long-lost home, even before the walk even ended in front of my house. :) , If that makes any sense.
..Oh what the heck you know what I mean! ;)

P.S. Enjoy the sunshine today!

Bean out.

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