Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today I saw the movie Bridesmaids with my mom..Which was awkward at first, but soon I was so amused by the movie's funny scenes (..each funny scene was every 30 seconds of the movie..) that I totally forgot that I should have even felt awkward in the first place... :)

The movie was so much better than I expected; the humor was so out-there and hilariously outrageous that at times I didn't know how to react but to laugh!
There was also a lot of heart to this movie, as repeated and cliche as that sounds. I even got teary during the most touching scenes between Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig's characters, since most of the movie revolves around how much they value each other's friendship.

I can say with more than 100 percent confidence (and amusement, as I'm still laughing while remembering almost any scene I can think of!) that Bridesmaids is worth the 10 dollars of buying the movie ticket. I assume this is something anyone loves to hear because movie tickets have been ridiculously expensive these days, and people are now looking for the few opportunities where a movie wouldn't end up being a waste of their money.

So here is my blog post, giving you a reason to believe that Bridesmaids will NOT be a waste of your money. :)

Bean out.

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