Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Social Network...Gone.

(Note: I wrote this blog two days ago.)

Yesterday (or specifically, last night) I made a decision that took me literally a week to make...I decided to give up my Facebook account.
I honestly don't know how long it will be before I go back-- a week, a month, or even a day!...But I just wanted to see what it was like to live life without "the social network"...Oh yeah, and I found Fb too distracting from schoolwork and other important things. Sound familiar? ;)

Today's been my first full day without Facebook, and it already seems foreign to me...I feel like I've had a whole range of reactions to this decision I made: The moment I clicked the "submit" button for deactivating my account, I felt a surge of pride and excitement of what the future was going to bring, in this new life to follow that did not consist of words like "pokes" or "wall posts." But when I came home from campus a few hours ago, the realization that I couldn't log on my account anymore (well, really I could still log on since I said that my leave was temporary..But still) almost gave me a feeling of isolation; it's because when you "like" other people's posts or start message conversations with your friends (not "friends" as in the website's broooaddd definition, but as in actual friends..people you know), you feel connected to this large communicating body, making you feel like a part of a gigantic whole.
I don't know, at least that's what I felt like whenever I used Facebook, and I always considered that to be a nice welcoming feeling.

But my decision to give up the site was because of how, because of Facebook, I barely paid attention to my hobbies--drawing, spending time with family (not that I never spent time with them because of Fb, but without Fb I feel like I could make more time for them), cooking, writing, etc etc. I have had my sister's old acoustic guitar sitting in my room since last summer, and at that time I set the goal of learning to play it by the end of the next summer...I have barely laid even a finger on it and it's almost the next summer.

So those are my reasons for not visiting the blue-whiteish website. I wonder how it is going to affect me in my daily life and eventually in the long run (unless I become super anxious about "missing out" on what's going on and I end up throwing myself out of bed at 3am to log on the site...But of course that shouldn't happen anytime soon. :) ). I will probably keep you updated from time to time if I do think some things are changing.

Here it goes...

Bean out.
P.S. I apologize if my writing in this post has seemed a little jumbled or irregular...I recently caught a bad cold and am trying to listen to my advice of making the best of simple pleasures...Including the joy and excitement I get by writing to people like you!

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