Wednesday, May 18, 2011


You know you have a spectacular mother when you're trying to do too many things at once, and she comes in out of nowhere and tells you it's all going to work out. :)

Me personally, I was juggling a billion of thoughts that were going in my head all week, thoughts that made me scared or frustrated or upset (about dealing with my cold while studying for an exam, etc etc). And I think if my mom didn't say her words of comfort to me last night during this antic of mine, I don't think I'd be writing to you how important it is to be even just a small help to someone else when you see that they are in need of it.

Even if it's just a small word of support or understanding, it will make that other person's day just a bit lighter and carefree, because there are people who need those moments every now and then.

Not only am I enjoying the comfort my mother gave me, but I'm also getting a big kick out of the lovely sunshine beaming outside my window right now, as I type the rest of my study guide for my exam (the test is tomorrow, wish me luck!!).

Have a great day! and make someone's day in the process! ;)

Bean out.

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