Saturday, June 4, 2011

Second Home...

Hello all!,
So literally five minutes ago, I walked into one of the best coffee shops in Seattle (I'm not exaggerating--It's actually been called that in a lot of articles I read! ;) )--It's Bauhaus Books and Coffee, and I think I can already call it my second home!

It totally makes sense why people love this place; it's very homey, so much so that you feel like you can even throw your things on the floor like you do when you've just gotten home from a long day at work, if you really wanted to. :)
Plus the lively baristas practically take over the cashier counter and the large area behind the counter that almost looks like it infinitely stretches as far as possible. The high walls are decorated by large shelves of books randomly covered by bright, vibrant paintings that echo the liveliness of the outside bustling Seattle world.

I feel like I also came here at a perfect time-not just because I needed to study for my upcoming Art History final in a place where I will be absorbed and not distracted; it's also because of the weather today--It's 75 degrees and clear skies here in the place well-known for 24/7 rainy days! So it's very refreshing and exhilarating to see the entire cafe lit up by the golden sunshine that just makes me want to study even more than I do now.

Well, I guess now I'm going to depart from this blog post and get started on why I actually came here...Time to read intensely about the Taj Mahal and Ramayana paintings (the art history course I've taken this quarter is about Indian Art ;) )!

Enjoy the rest of your day (no matter the weather),

Bean out.
P.S. There's a slight chance you'll end up seeing a post about Bauhaus on my Mademoiselle Cochon website, just because I can never have enough to say about things I love XD ...

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