Friday, June 10, 2011

Life without Facebook...

So today, I realized that nearly a month has passed since I deactivated my Facebook account.
...And I can honestly say that it almost feels as if I never even started using Facebook in the first place.
It seems that the website only made social networking and socializing in general so much more complicated! Even though Fb made it easier for me to stay in contact with friends who are living abroad and friends who I don't see day to day, I overall felt some sort of pressure to stay in contact with acquaintances.
Also, I just spent too much time on the computer instead of time with family at home.

So I feel like I wouldn't be surprised if I never ended up going back to using Facebook! :)

Since I deactivated it, I've had more time to draw, paint, and just doodle in my sketchbook...Plus I've had a few more conversations with my parents and brother than I did before.. ;)
...Plus I feel more assured that I can hang out with my friends and spend great time with them without having to use Facebook as some sort of catalyst to keep our friendships strong.

So on the verge of week 4 (and counting more weeks) without Facebook, I strongly recommend that you take a short (or long...) break from the website; you will get more out of that than you can imagine. ;)

Here it goes...

Bean out.


Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

You know it is interesting that you've discussed this..but I don't think I could let go of facebook! I feel like as a young person it's the only way I can stay connected to highschool friends and such that I wouldn't necessarily want to chat with over the phone. In saying that, good luck with your letting go of facebook :)

shirenesBEAN said...

No problem! I always love reading about baking especially since I don't do it enough...
Haha I know what you mean; Facebook does make a huge difference! It was really weird the first few days after I got rid of my account..I almost felt isolated XD
Plus I do have to find some way to stay in contact with friends I have in France and Germany..I'll have to send e-mails or snail-mail, which won't be too bad I guess..
And thank you for commenting on my blog. ;)

P.S. I was wondering if you received my e-mail...? :P